Dr. Mahesh R Desai

Dr. Mahesh R Desai


Medical Director & Managing Trustee, MPUH




MS in surgery, F.R.C.S. (Lond.), F.R.C.S. (Edin). MBBS, Post Graduate Training in Surgery,


091-268-2520323 to 2520330 (Office)
+91-268-2532586 (Residence)





President: Endourology Society
Immediate Past President: Society International d’Urologie (SIU)
Past President: Urological Society of India

Dr. Mahesh Desai who heads the robotic team at CRS is the senior most and world renowned urologist doctor in India. He is the pioneer at bringing various new minimally invasive procedures of Urology in India. With regards to prostate, he has experience of seeing all the treatment modalities from open to laparoscopic to robotic prostatectomy right from the developmental stage to established stage.

The question as to why select his team over others is from other issues involving the patient care. We take appointment from the patients; screen them in our OPD with state of the art instruments such as the ultrasound machines, 3D Trans rectal ultrasound, Histoscan etc. The centre and especially Dr. Desai is known to have introduced the usage of Trans rectal ultrasound by the urologist himself rather than radiologist. This gives a more comprehensive care while selecting patients for radical prostatectomy. The center’s advantage is the cheap and easily sustainable cost of the robotic prostatectomy procedure than any other institute in the region or the country. The procedure is also done at subsidized rates for non-affording patients. Dr Desai’s team takes special care in contacting patients, making arrangements for the transfer of the patient from station to hospital, fixing hotel stay to make the patients stay pleasant and making sure that all the other non-surgical related issues are taken adequate care thereof.

At MPUH, as of October 2012, our robotic team has performed over 250 robotic procedures within very short period of time. We are the only second centre in India to have a dedicated urology centered full-fledged Robotic program. There is a special segregated team of full time robotic surgeon and full time robotic assistants who are whole-heartedly involved in carrying out the complex robotic procedures 5 day a week. In challenging cases with high grade prostate cancer features, we have the collaboration with the state of the art radiotherapy and onco-physiology department to ensure combined modality state-of-the-art medical care.

Dr. Mahesh Desai is a renowned Indian Urologist who has pioneered modern treatment for various kidney and urological diseases in India. He has successfully performed the first live Renal Transplant in Gujarat, India.

Early Life

Dr. Mahesh Desai acquired his MBBS in 1966 from B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad and further attained M.S. in General Surgery from Pune University. In 1973, he received the prestigious fellowship FRCS from the Royal College of Surgeons of London and Edinburgh, where he obtained specialized training in Urology. He returned back to India to start his practice and establish the importance of modern treatment for various kidney diseases. In joint collaboration with Dr. V.V. Desai (renowned urologist of his times, who studied in London and came back to India to serve economically low background people suffering from urological disease) he established Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH) at Nadiad, a rural area of Gujarat in India. Dr. Mahesh Desai’s aim was helping the common man with adequate medical facilities concerning urological diseases.


While urology still remains a highly competitive area for surgeons and other medical professionals, Dr Mahesh Desai gained specialization in it. He mastered the treatment and developed innovative techniques such as Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy (PCNL), Ureteroscopy, and ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy). Dr. Desai performed over 14000 PCNL. Additionally, he expanded the usage of ultrasound technology in Urology. He also established live kidney transplantation services for the first time in the history of Gujarat. He performed the first Renal Transplant of Gujarat in 1980. More than 2,100 Renal Transplants have been carried out successfully at MPUH under the supervision of Dr. Mahesh Desai. He also organized the epidemiological survey of prostatic diseases for ageing male population in Gujarat, India.

Currently, he is the Managing Trustee of MPUH and Honorary Managing Director of Muljibhai Patel Society for research in Nephrology-Urology. In addition, he is the Medical Director at MPUH, as well as handles responsibilities as a Director at Jayaramdas Patel Academic Centre (Jayaramdas Patel Academic Centre is associated with MPUH and offers teaching and training programs for Endourology and Laparoscopic Surgery).

He has also held numerous positions both at national and international level in the field of Urology and Endourology. He was declared the President of the Society International d’Urologie (SIU) at the 31st World Congress held in Berlin, Germany. (refer 2) In the current scenario, he is President The Endourological Society (refer 3), He is also the elected President of the Asian Society of Endourology (refer 4). He was also the President of Urological Society of India; Chairman of Endourology Education Training Site Committee of Endourology Society Inc (refer 4); and Member of the International Committee of American Urological Association (refer 4). Furthermore, Dr. Mahesh Desai is also the first Indian to be honored with the membership of American Association of Genito-Urinary Surgeons (refer 4).

Dr. Mahesh Desai has taken an initiative of Centre for Robotic Surgery, a super specialty initiative of cutting edge technology in the medical field. Centre for Robotic Surgery has carved a niche for modern treatment, where a robot is used to perform nephro-urological surgeries.

Workshop, Papers, Lectures & Conferences

Dr. Mahesh Desai has successfully conducted over 160 workshops and conferences in India. (refer 4) He has produced over 750 scientific papers, presented at various national & international seminars and conferences. In the course of his career, he has published over 120 scientific papers in national and international journals. Furthermore, he has made valuable contribution in the Journal of Endourology, while being on its Editorial Board. This gave him wide international recognition. Under his able leadership for the first time in the history of India, World Congress on Endourology was held in Mumbai on November 2004.
His contribution for the development and promotion of urological education has been immense. Over the years, he has delivered over 250 lectures. He is the first Indian Guest Lecturer to address at plenary session of American Urological Association’s Annual Conference in Chicago, USA on 30th April, 2003.

Honors, Awards & Accolades

Dr. Desai’s immense contribution on academic and scientific activities for Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital has resulted in putting the hospital as one of the premier institutes of Urology both in India, as well as at an international level. He has numerous awards and accolades to his credit, including:

  • Dr. B. C. Roy National Award by the President of India”, 2000
  • American Urological Association Presidential Citation 2012
  • St. Paul’s Medal, British Association of Urological Surgeons, 2012
  • President’s Gold medal of Urological Society of India
  • President’s Gold Medal of West Zone Chapter of USI
  • UNO’s International Award for Medical Scientific Group in the field of Urology
  • Late Dr. Piyush V. Patel Award for “Excellence in Medical Field” at the 105th Annual Day Celebration of Ahmedabad Medical Association on 24th June, 2007
  • Honorary Member of (1) Singapore Urological Association (2) Chinese Urology Association (3) Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand.

Personal Life

Dr. Mahesh Desai is ably supported by his wife Dr. Nalini Desai (who oversees the entire accounts and administrative division of MPUH) and his son Dr. Mihir Desai, who is also a renowned Urologist himself. As a matter of fact Dr. Mihir Desai has enhanced the usage of advanced form of treatment for urological diseases. He is a nationally and internationally recognized expert for robotic, laparoscopic and endourologic surgery. (refer 5)