Amit mevcha

Excellent. No words to describe the facility, efforts and work done by people for patients. Tomost in the world. Would like to start working in this unit.

Dr. Amit mevcha

I spent around a month to participate in Mini fellowship program. it has been a great experience indeea in a place which is a true citadal of knowledge with field Marshal Prof. Mahesh Desai and his great team. May God give him strength and stamina to pace even higher Amin !

Dr. Syed Mamun Mahmud

A world class facility and extraordianry team. We are proud to have this institute who brought Gujarat (Nadiad) on world map. Thanks

Dr. Mahendra Narwaria

‘Words’ would be never enough to describe your wonderful efforts. All I can say is they are “Priceless”. Do keep it up!!!

Dr. Bhavini Shah Clinical Microbiologist

Highly impressed wonderful work done by medical social work dept. it is realy very specialized practice in socialized field with which social worker should be acquainted and trained. Documentation and research papers and training in terms of short term courses will enrich social work educators and practioners. We will like to collaborate with this dept.

Dr. Aruna Khasgiwala Dean & Head, Faculty of Social work

Very good advanced set up. Everybody is having everything in world’s all hospitals but you something different in your setup. That’s why you are great. hak de MPUH.

Dr. Tushar Chokshi

I’m so grateful with Dr.mahesh Desai(Guru).MPUH each resident, consultant,nurses and Tulsi for letting me live this wonderful academic and personal experience and allow me learn the state of the art in Endourology. Your team is superb, you are the best. I’ll never forget this amazing place.Thanks a lot. An Amigo Pera German Cruz

German H.Cruz Gouzalez

Little did I realized whe I traveled by Gujarat mail to Nadiad that I was to lecture at one of the finest institutes in India. It is seen to be believed at the extraordinary facilities for the students & all others. Above all, I was more than impressed at the state of the art auditorium.Thoroughly enjoyed lecturing here. Most epecially that Dr.Ganatra for taking Suresh & me around. I would have loved to be a student here. Mahesh, your team has done all of us proud. Mukund Joshi

Mukund joshi

A “warm” surprise in India ! An impressive centre with high-end facilities, and co-workers all dedicated to even make it better.! Especially the academic centre is a state-of-art centre. I was in the JPAC to introduce contrast US, and certainly I hope that my visit is the begining of an active cooperation between JPAC and our centre. Thanks to all for their warm welcome and support during my stay.

Hessel Wigskstra

My heartfelt gratitude to Dr.Mahesh Desai for establishing a state of art Uro-Nephrology centre at Nadiad and putting Indian urology at the top of international area.

Dr. Harijinder Singh
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