Dr Mahesh Desai awarded Qimpro Platinum Standard 2012 for Healthcare

About Qimpro Awards:
Recognized as the country’s premier quality citations, Qimpro Awards highlight the quality achievements of extraordinary individuals in an era of global competition and expectations. Each year the awards attract entries from committed quality leaders in the top 500 companies as well as educational and healthcare institutions. The winners are selected by three eminent panels: business, education, healthcare; each chaired by the respective Qimpro Platinum Standard of the previous year. Qimpro Platinum Standard Award recognizes Dr. Mahesh Desai as a national Statesman for Quality.

Primary Objectives:

  • To facilitate Quality in Education in India.
  • To facilitate Quality in Healthcare in India.

To recognize Indians serving as role models for world-class quality leadership in Business, Education and Healthcare. Continue reading “Dr Mahesh Desai awarded Qimpro Platinum Standard 2012 for Healthcare”